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VO Blog:The First Mistake

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Ok, lets be honest, this probably wasn't the first mistake but its the first one that really struck out to me as one!

A demo reel. I haven't done this yet. I've started applying for things on and people are viewing my profile but other than one commercial demo I've made. I have nothing else on there. So, I'm not showing off my range or really what my voice is good at right now, which is going to be e-learning, explainers, narrative and commercial. Basically where i get to use my own voice in lots of different ways. Building characters is still something I'm practicing so aiming for my dream jobs of working on games etc can wait. I need to get my foot in the door and some credits.

So how to do a reel? Well I forgot to ask Gravy for the Brain (GFTB) who have a whole course on this and examples of good and bad reels. Instead I went into Youtube and started to feel overwhelmed. I have, however come away with some key principles.

First- be original, don't copy someone else's ad. Make something up so there's no copy right issues or plagiarism

Second- Keep it short, preferably under 2 minutes and put the good stuff first!

Thirdly is get creative with a bit of music here and there.

So my next task is to withdraw from applying to much for roles and focus on the ground work I've neglected. I'm also looking into Fiverr as a possibility but i hear so many mixed messages on there. From what i can gather this is the route a lot of Indie developers and low budget productions are going to go, which is great for someone just looking to get noticed, however there are elements of the Voice Over Industry that feel like Fiverr cheapens the industry. Its like cheap labour. So I'm in two minds still, though GFTB did do a talk about Fiverr and mentioned it and generally were fairly neutral on it. I think their main message was, if you're doing Voice Over on there, charge appropriate rates

The journey continues...

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